Information to be Included in the Application

The application includes the following information:

  • Patient Information Form:  This gives us some basic information about you, your child, and your family – primarily how to contact you and any other decision-makers in your child’s life.
  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Financial Information form:  Smiles 4 Canada is targeted at lower-income families – specifically those whose total after-tax family income in the previous two taxation years is below the Federal Low Income Cut-Offs (LICO). To substantiate income, we require you to provide information on the income for all your child’s parents/guardians by provding copies of the Canada Revenue Agency’s Notice of Assessment and your Full/Tax Returns (T1 General Form that you submit your taxes to Canada Revenue Agency) for both 2020 and 2021. Those forms must each be uploaded during the application process. Newcomers to Canada must have at least one year of financial information to be considered. The applicant/family’s immigration, or landing papers can be submitted in place of the second year of financial information (NOAs, Tax Return/Summary). If you are separated or divorced, you will be asked to submit a copy of your separation agreement or divorce decree that outlines the support payments being made from the non-custodial parent. If this is not included, the application will not proceed.
  • Personal Statement Form:  We want your child’s treatment to be successful, and an important part of that success is his/her motivation: the more emotional investment your child has in the treatment, the greater the likelihood s/he will work cooperatively with the orthodontist and see it through to completion. In this form, we ask your child to share with us his/her reasons for receiving treatment, their goals for treatment, and the steps you both are prepared to take to ensure the treatment is successful. This statement must be completed by the child in their own handwriting. [Download English Form or French Form]
  • Digital Photos:  To help us evaluate the severity of your child’s dental problems, we ask that you send us 6 specific digital pictures; we need these 6 in order to determine the need and the amount of work to be done. Each photo must be uploaded separately during the application process. [Download English Guidelines or French Guidelines]

    Click on a thumbnail below to view the image at full size

    Portrait photo from the front with a smile showing teeth

    Portrait from front with lips at rest

    Profile photo from the side with lips at rest

    Photo of the teeth from the front with teeth biting together fully, while biting on the back teeth (the lips and cheeks must not obstruct the view of the teeth)

    Photo of the upper teeth from the front with mouth wide open (the lips and cheeks must not obstruct the view of the teeth)

    Photo of the lower teeth from the front with mouth wide open (the lips and cheeks must not obstruct the view of the teeth)

  • Personal Reference Form:  We require that you submit a personal reference for your child, to help us understand his/her character. The reference is in the form of a letter (preferably on letterhead stationery, if applicable), written by someone other than a relative, explaining how the child is affected by his/her teeth and smile, what his/her character is, and what his/her attitude is toward seeing things through to completion, even if initial results are not dramatic. A scan or photo of this document must be uploaded with the application. [Download English Form or French Form]
  • Program Rules, Expectations and Release Form:  This form constitutes an agreement between you, CFAO Smiles4Canada, and the treating orthodontist. In it, you agree to ensure your child keeps his/her teeth clean, maintains his/her oral health, complies with the orthodontic treatment (including keeping all appointments, wearing retainers and rubber bands (if necessary), and has any additional dental work that may be necessary. It also specifies what is included in the treatment, and what you might have to pay for separately. Finally, you are asked to give your consent on a number of important privacy considerations, including the disclosure of financial and health information to the Regional Committee that reviews the application and to the CFAO, and the use of case information that may be used for educational or publicity purposes. Each field must be completed in order for the form to upload.
  • Dental Examination Form:  To undertake your child’s treatment, we need to have a good understanding of his/her current and past dental health and his/her commitment to dental care.  To do so, we require your child’s general dentist to complete this form and share some basic dental health information with us. The information in the form must be based on a dentist's exam conducted no earlier than November 1, 2022. If the exam was earlier than November 1, 2022, the form will be rejected. Please note: your dentist may charge for the completion of this form. A scan or photo of this form must be uploaded with the application. [Download English Form or French Form]

If you have any questions, please contact by e-mail at

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