Application Criteria

Before your application is reviewed by a Regional Committee, our staff will check to ensure it is complete. The online application is a step-by-step process that must be fully completed, with all 'documents' upoaded in order to be submitted for consideration. Incomplete applications will not be considered by a Regional Committee.

For complete applications, the first assessment criteria is financial eligibility.  We use the Federal Low Income Cut-Offs (LICO), as published by Statistics Canada, to do this.  Financial eligibility depends on family size and the type of area in which you live – the more urban the area, the higher the LICO.  The LICO criteria is used as a guideline; if you do not meet this criterion threshold, please submit additional information pertinent to your financial situation with your application.  The most recent criteria are in the table below:

Size of family unit
Rural areas
outside CMA or CA
Census Agglomeration (CA) Census Metropolitan Area (CMA)
Less than 30,000
(small towns)
30,000 to 99,999
(larger towns)
100,000 to 499,999
(small cities)
Over 500,000
(larger cities)
2019 After-tax family income
1 person 14,472 16,563 18,477 18,711 22,125
2 persons 17,615 20,160 22,490 22,772 26,927
3 persons 21,935 25,102 28,003 28,357 33,531
4 persons 27,364 31,318 34,938 35,377 41,832
5 persons 31,161 35,663 39,785 40,285 47,634
6 persons 34,558 39,551 44,122 44,677 52,828
7 or more persons 37,955 43,438 48,458 49,069 58,021
2018 After-tax family income
1 person 14,051 16,081 17,939 18,166 21,481
2 persons 17,102 19,573 21,835 22,109 26,143
3 persons 21,296 24,371 27,188 27,531 32,554
4 persons 26,567 30,406 33,920 34,347 40,614
5 persons 30,253 34,624 38,626 39,112 46,247
6 persons 33,552 38,399 42,837 43,376 51,289
7 or more persons 36,850 42,173 47,047 47,640 56,331


Next, we look at the Personal Statement and Personal Reference.  These assist us in assessing how likely your child is to maintain the treatment.  We want the orthodontic treatment to succeed, and your child’s motivation and commitment to maintaining good dental health throughout his/her treatment will be very important.

Finally, we consider the digital photos and the Dental Examination Form you submitted as part of the application.  These help us determine your child’s need for orthodontic treatment and overall dental health.  As you can appreciate, many people want to participate in Smiles 4 Canada, and our aim is to help those who can benefit most, or who have the most to gain, from the treatment.

Based on our overall assessment of this material, the Regional Committee will determine if the applicant can be treated through the program.  We will then identify a participating orthodontist who will meet your child to discuss the potential orthodontic treatment plans.  If you agree to a treatment plan, you will be asked to submit a $500 administrative fee to Smiles 4 Canada.  This fee must be paid before treatment can begin.

Key 2021 Program Dates (estimated):

Application window opens February 2, 2021
Application window closes April 30, 20211
Decisions letters sent October 11-22, 2021
Initial consultations with orthodontists November 1-November 30, 2021
Deadline to submit administration fee December 10, 20212
Treatment start (earliest date) November 15, 2021

1. Incomplete applications will not upload and therefore will not be considered.
2. The administration fee will be invoiced after the orthodontist confirms that an initial consultation has resulted in a treatment plan. Treatment will begin AFTER the fee is received


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