What are my child's and my responsibilities as a patient and parent/guardian?

On behalf of yourself and your child, you agree to:

  • Undertake any non-orthodontic treatment your orthodontist recommends. This may include cleanings, fillings, extractions, gum surgery, root canals, or jaw surgery. This treatment is not included in the program, and may be an extra cost;
  • Maintain your child's oral health by daily and correct brushing and flossing, regular visits to your general dentist, and complying with any treatment your general dentist may recommend;
  • Make all scheduled visits to your orthodontist;
  • Ensure your child wears the retainer and, if required, rubber bands;
  • Follow your orthodontist's policies and recommendations for things like keeping your child's mouth clean, food and drinks to avoid, etc.;
  • Replace the original set of retainers should they break, be damaged, or wear out. If replacement is required, this is an additional cost to you;
  • Complete a short report within three months of the end of the treatment, outlining how the orthodontic treatment has helped your child. This report may be used by CFAO Smiles 4 Canada for educational and promotional purposes;
  • Pay a one-time, non-refundable administrative fee of $500 when your child is accepted for treatment. Your orthodontist cannot begin treatment until this fee is paid; and
  • Consent to the use of your child's name (e.g., Jane D., Toronto, ON), before and after photos, and testimonial report to help CFAO Smiles 4 Canada promote the program.

Please note: We only used fixed appliances, and not products such as Invisalign. We also do not approve cases for Phase 1 treatment, such as palatal expanders.


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