How does Smiles 4 Canada evaluate my application?

There are 3 stages to the evaluation process:

  1. Administrative review: To ensure the application is complete. Incomplete applications will not be submitted to the Regional Committee.
  2. Regional Committee review: To verify financial eligibility, estimate the scope of the treatment, and assess its likelihood of success in light of your child's general dental health, motivation, and character.
  3. Matching with a participating orthodontist: If your child is accepted, we will try to find a volunteer orthodontist close to your location who is able to undertake the treatment. To assist this orthodontist, we will share the patient information, personal statement, digital photos, signed/initialed program rules, expectations and release, and dental examination forms with him/her. This orthodontist will meet with you and your child to discuss the potential treatment plan options.

    Please note that for various reasons, not all children can be matched with orthodontists. Those reasons may include:
  • Over age or income limits
  • Child still has primary/baby teeth
  • Malocclusion determined to be not medically or socially handicapping
  • No volunteer orthodontist available within reasonable travel distance
  • Family has access to dental/orthodontic insurance coverage
  • Child requires Phase 1 treatment before starting braces; Phase 1 treatment is not covered by Smiles 4 Canada



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